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About Hope Outdoors:

Welcome to Hope Outdoors!


This blog is to share our journey of reconnecting to nature, have adventures and to find passion and purpose in this life of ours. I am by no means a writer, though I do love writing I tend to ramble a bit. You’ll see.

I’m more of an introvert, so opening myself up will take time, but I’m hoping this blog will keep myself accountable for this journey I want my family and I to take together. The way I see it is I can only get better with practice and in writing out my feelings I hope it will be a little therapeutic as well. Bare with me! This blog is purely a hobby.

This blogs name has two very special meanings to me and maybe one of them can be special to you. First my daughters name is Hope, she is my firstborn, and used to love being outdoors and getting messy. One day I hope she will be outdoors more and fall back in love with the wild. Secondly I truly believe the outdoors hold hope for anyone who wanders there. It is a place of renewal, energy, adventure and much much more. Maybe here you will find your HOPE OUTDOORS.